Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon during its golden years when Beirut was the center of international culture and art, Leila developed a passion for jewelry as an art form. After her Bachelor degree in Art Education from the American University of Beirut, she received her Masters Degree in Fine Arts with a specialty in metal work and jewelry from the University of Wisconsin. After graduation Leila began a long and fruitful career designing jewelry. New York City became her permanent home.

Influenced by the bold, expressive patterns of Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewelry as well as the rich Mediterranean landscape where she was raised, Leila's jewelry designs make an important singular statement. She combines precious and semi-precious gems; selectively chosen for their scintillating brilliant color those gems are the centerpieces of her extraordinary designs.

"My love and appreciation of nature is replicated in my jewelry" explains Leila. "Nature has and always will be my primary inspiration. "I wanted wearable art that will be today's fashion and tomorrow's heirloom".